Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta

I was kindly sent a couple of packets of gluten free pasta to review, penne and casarecce.

I found the gluten free pasta to be easier on my stomach than normal pasta, so I didn't feel quite so bloated and sluggish after a pasta meal.

We did, however, find that if you left the pasta to cook and didn't stir it then it formed a congealed lump in the pan - not good.  It might have said to keep stirring in the instructions, but as they were in italian then I don't know!  I made sure that we kept stirring when we used it after our messy pasta situation, and it worked beautifully.  If I'm cooking then I tend to stir everything quite a lot anyway - Obsessive Compulsiveness.

If I saw this pasta on offer, then I'd definitely buy it, but I unless I had a health need to move to gluten free pasta I can't see me choosing it over normal pasta.

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