Monday, 6 January 2014

Recent Eats - Christmas, New Years and First week of Jan

We had a lovely christmas and new years, although tiring!  Christmas day we went to my parents for christmas dinner, I brought some Parmesan coated parsnips (delia christmas book) and the cheese board which was made up of cheeses bought from Leeds Market and Millies (the port soaked Stilton was immense).

Duck opening her stocking
Duck in her best party dress, ready to open more presents

We stayed over and had the traditional boxing day party and buffet the next day.  On Christmas Eve I'd made a bacon and egg pie (from the new Paul Hollywood Pies and Puds book) and a Tiramisu for the buffet.  I rewarded my hard work with an excessively large esspresso brandtini... I paid the price of that with a headache christmas morning...

For New Years the duck went to Grandma and Grandad's and Phil and I shared an M&S meal (pie, cauliflower cheese and peas and carrots) and had a couple of glasses of our favourite prosecco.  (You can just about see my VW Camper van wine rack!).

This weekend I was treated to a grown up afternoon and headed out to the shops with Mrs P while Phil entertained Daisy.  I picked up a great bargain in the sale with a new coat, and we headed to Trinity Kitchen for lunch.

I was torn between Fish& and Donostia Social Club, being in the mood for a spanish beer Donostia won, we both had the chorizo stew - it was delicious.


  1. I keep meaning to pop along to Trinity Kitchen - was put off pre Christmas by crowds but may try soon...

    Happy new year btw!


  2. Aww look at Daisy!!
    I've been meaning to go to Trinity Kitchen, I've heard it's not great for little ones though? So will try it just with Phil first. x

  3. Trinity Kitchen is great - I thought it was fine for Daisy, there's plenty of choice, lots of high chairs and lots of bright colours and people to nosey at. She had some of my pizza last time I was there, and a bit of Phil's burrito. They've just changed over last night so there's some interesting new street food vans to try.


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