Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Recent Eats

I've been eating out when I really shouldn't be... or I should be making better choices when I do eat out I spose...

In the past few weeks I've been to Trinity Kitchen a couple of times, for the famous Manjit's Kitchen Chilli Paneer Wrap, I have to admit that I did think that £6 was pretty steep for a wrap...then I saw the SIZE of it.  Enormous.  I could share this and still be full.  I didn't even manage to finish my wrap yesterday. (Managed to eat all the paneer out of it though...).

It being my long awaited pay day yesterday, I also treated myself to a Magnificent Milkshake too, I opted for the vanilla creme brulee.  Delicious, although if I got one again I'd ask for it without whipped cream.

I popped out for lunch with a work colleague the other week, to get to know her a bit better.  With it being so close to work we went to LS6.  I opted for the roasted med veg and cream cheese sandwich, with a side of chips.  I'd assumed the med stood for Mediterranean but the only veg in it was carrot and mushroom - so perhaps it means medium?

All last week I'd driven home hearing the Toby Carvery advert, by the powers of persuasive advertising I was insistent that I had to have a carvery last weekend, so we popped along to our local one.  I declined the yorkshire pud, but did have some roast and mashed potatoes, and a bit of gravy, so it was quite synful.  I like that they give a free plate for little ones that you can put veg and potatoes on, and get a yorkshire pud - although Daisy only ate her yorkshire pudding and the turkey off my plate, barely touched the veg I'd got her.

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