Thursday, 30 January 2014

Slimming world friendly Prawn, Pea and Mushroom risotto

On my last meal plan I'd mentioned I was having mushroom risotto.  But then I started wanting prawn and pea risotto.  But I had loads of mushrooms to use up.... So Prawn, Pea and Mushroom risotto was born....

I only made a small quantity of this, but it still did my evening meal, and then leftovers for lunch the next day.

150g arborio rice
1 pint vegetable stock
Cooked prawns
onion powder

You'll notice the usual risotto ingredient of onion missing.  Phil hates onions so I've stopped buying them, and use onion powder instead.  In a dish like risotto they do make the difference though, so I'd definitely use one if I'd had one in...

Same as a normal risotto, but... use fry light, then fry off the mushrooms (and onion if you're using) then when they've cooked a bit, add the rice.  Give that a minute in the pan and then add a small amount of vegetable stock.  Stir it in then let it soak in to the rice.  Repeat until you all the stock is added - on the last addition add the peas and prawns.  They only take a few minutes to cook through.  Once the liquid is all absorbed, and your rice is tender then the risotto is ready.

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