Sunday, 20 April 2014

Been a while....

So it's been a while since I last posted, not an unusual occurrence, life sometimes does catch up with me and blogging takes a back seat.  We announced about 6 weeks ago that I'm pregnant again, due with baby number 2 in September.  Like with my previous pregnancy, I've found with this one that I've completely gone off food - I really haven't cared what I've eaten, and food has been strictly for fuel.  I've lost weight on the back of this, but my appetite for food is slowly returning and herein will commence my weight increasing.

I gave up slimming world at week 6, I was struggling so much with food, it just seemed silly to be stressing myself out trying to stay on plan.  I'm half tempted to go back now I can cope with food again - but I'm waiting to see if the swelling will start up, it was around this time last time that I started to balloon up.  I'll definitely be returning when I've had this baby - I may even go back just before baby is due just so I can have a super duper enormous weight loss.... although it is cheating.

I've eaten out quite a bit recently, but mostly just to family friendly places - I've found that I'm loathed to go anywhere small or trendy with Daisy, because I don't feel like those kind of places are welcoming to kids - and that we'd upset the other diners.  We've had some great experiences out with her recently; in TGI Fridays they were brilliant with her, even bringing out some sticks of chopped vegetables because she was hungry before the food came.  I took Daisy and Phil's niece and nephew out for Pizza Hut buffet the other week, and because Daisy hardly ate anything they didn't charge us for her - which I thought was really good.  I'm almost afraid to go places with her that are independent/trendy or don't have room for the pushchair.

I did meet my friend Mrs P for tea quite a few weeks ago, and we went to the Hotel Chocolat restaurant Roast and Conch.  we ordered off the set menu, 2 courses for £18.  I had the Confit of Leek and Potato Nib Cake - it was absolutely gorgeous.  Mrs P had the beef dish, and we both opted for the mousse to finish.  I'd definitely go back again, and I'm really interested in the breakfast menu.  Even though we'd stuffed ourselves and had a pudding, we still picked up some chocolate downstairs - I tried some 50% chocolate and loved it.

I've made a couple of nice dishes that I've thought I should have blogged about, but hadn't thought to photograph, and I've picked up a few new cookbooks recently so I need to get back into cooking properly and back to blogging regularly.

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