Saturday, 21 June 2014

Rocky Road Tiffin

I decided last night that I had a hankering for Tiffin, after looking through a few recipes I found this recipe from BBC Good Food for Malteaser Tiffin.  I wanted to add something a little extra to it, so opted to throw in some marshmellows to make it more of a Rocky Road version.

I didn't smash the malteasers too much, but did do a couple with the biscuit mixture, I opted to leave them whole for the biscuity texture.

After leaving Tesco this morning (what possessed me to go to Tesco on a Saturday!) I realised I'd forgotten the grease proof paper I needed to line my dish.  A quick check on twitter told me I could use cling film instead - I think it actually worked better using the cling film.

The finished article is so very, very, very sweet.  A slab the size that I cut is a ridiculous portion for something as sweet at this - I did manage to finish eating it though.....

Next up on my sweet treat making schedule is Key Lime Pie, which I'll be making while Daisy naps on Monday.

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