Tuesday, 17 June 2014


***Disclaimer - this meal was complimentary***

I was invited to do a review of the new Teppan260 restaurant located in Millenium Square in Leeds (where Casa Mia was).  We received our starters, mains, desserts and drinks for free.

The concept of the restaurant is that you order the food yourself via Ipad, and it then comes to your table on a hot iron plate, where you finish the cooking.  Teppanyaki without the performance.

To start we ordered Bang, Bang Chicken and the Thai Beef salad.  Both were very nice, although the beef in the salad was lukewarm, we weren't sure if it should have been hot.  It was tasty though.

For our mains we ordered the Sliced Yorkshire Beef with noodles and Chicken Tonkatsu with fried rice.  You pick the main you want, then your rice/noodles and then your chosen sauce.

We found finishing the cooking ourselves quite a novelty, although didn't realise we could take the paper buffers off until half way through our meals!  My chicken was lovely, but Phil's steak was really nice.  I was a bit jealous I hadn't picked that myself.  I didn't think we needed the side salads, although if I'd not had a starter I suppose I probably would have finished the little salad too.

For dessert I had Portuguese Egg Tarts and Phil had Chocolate cake.  Phil's cake was a bit dry, as you'd expect with one that had been out in a cabinet all day - it wasn't awful though, if you like your cake dry (as my Mum does) then it would be just fine.  My egg tarts stole the show though, I loved them.

Will we visit again - yes we will (I always like to go back and pay for a meal after I've done a review), we liked the concept, although were a bit slow at ordering on our Ipad.  We either weren't listening when we were seated (quite likely) or didn't get told - but you aren't meant to order everything at once, you're meant to order each course separately.  So the poor staff had to come and check if we wanted separate courses, and we ended up with Phil's cake coming before our starters!

I did love the ordering by Ipad though.  Ever practical, Phil was wondering how they'd manage if the wifi went down though....

We enjoyed our meals, leaving the restaurant nice and full - but not feeling like we'd pigged out and eaten a million calories.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.  Purely for using the Ipads to order with - I hope that catches on, and starts to happen in bars, no more being crushed in bars would be very welcome.  (Not that I get out to bars very often nowadays!).

I don't think it will replace Wasabi Teppanyaki for us, we went there on our very first date, but it's something different to what's on offer in Leeds at the moment.  (Lots and lots of burgers).

As we're a nosey pair, we observed that the staff had to deal with two tables of tricky customers.  They handled both situations very well, being firm but fair.  I don't know how someone can have the brass neck to eat their entire meal, then suddenly decide it was "terrible", if it really had been terrible they would have sent it back, not merrily ate it and quaffed a load of wine....but that's a gripe for another post.

Thank you to Teppan260 for having us in and to Social Yorkshire for inviting us.


  1. You're very welcome for the invite. Thank you for posting the review! I'll make sure it's passed to Teppan too! Best Wishes, Sarah @SocialYorkshire x

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