Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jordans Country Crisp

It's been a tough old week for us this week.   Daisy's been getting over chicken pox, and Phil's been in hospital with kidney stones.  Thankfully Daisy was allowed back in nursery on Wednesday so I was able to spend the day going to and from hospital to see Phil.  He was allowed home on Thursday but is still quite poorly with it.

Understandably I haven't done much cooking this week.  On Tuesday I made a bolognese, which we had that night and then I had leftovers from it on the Thursday night.  Other than that I've eaten a lot of cereal.

I was sent some Jordans Country Crisp to review, along with three recipes created by Edd Kimber (GBBO winner) I knew it was unlikely I'd get round to doing the recipes, but said I was happy to do a review just of the cereal.  The strawberry crisp is my favourite one, so I was pleased when it arrived.  We don't often have much 'grown up' cereal in the house, or branded for that matter - we shop mostly at Lidl/Aldi, so it was a treat to have some Jordans in.

I think most people will have tried this one over the years, it's a lovely cereal with plenty of strawberry pieces in.

Do you have a favourite Jordans cereal?

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  1. They have this in my local B&M for £1.29 a box, I LOVE it with vanilla yogurt instead of milk x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!


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