Friday, 28 November 2014

Pinche Pinche review

Disclaimer: this meal was free
I don't often do reviews nowadays, I've turned down that many over the last two years that I've stopped getting invitations. But when an invite popped into my inbox from Pinche Pinche I had to come out of hibernation. If anyone asks me for recommendations of where to eat in Chapel Allerton Pinche Pinche is always where I point them.
My friend Fi and I went along on Wednesday this week to try their new menu. They've moved away from the safety of fajitas and are introducing the diners of Leeds to Antojitos - Mexican tapas.
We opted to put our trust in the chef be sent out a selection of what he wanted to showcase to us.
Please excuse my terrible photos, my phone is great taking pics outside, but useless indoors - and there's no way I'm taking a camera to a restaurant.
We had the guacamole:

Esquites  (stripped corn on the cob):

Plantain Empanada:

Prawn and cod ceviche:

Slow cooked lamb Sope:

Tacos - we got sent a selection of cod, pork, spicy beef and surf & turf

Pomegranate salad:

We were stuffed after eating all those - sadly no room for Churros. I enjoyed trying each of the dishes, the only one I wasn't so keen on was the esquites, it got a bit samey after a while, we both decided if we were making it at home that we'd add a little lime to freshen it up.
My favourite dish was the slow cooked lamb Sope. The stew was delicious, and I loved the sweet potato basket.  I might have to try and replicate them at home. The tacos were great too, my photo doesn't do their size justice. I enjoyed the beef one the most.
I really enjoyed the pomegranate salad too, I would never have ordered it myself so it was a great one to try.
I love the new concept, but I'm a massive tapas fan so I would. I'll definitely be going back to try the spicy cheese balls and cactus. If you aren't a tapas fan then there's still Enchiladas and Burritos to be had, we were nosying at other tables that had ordered these and they looked fantastic too - and very big!
I was pleased to see how busy the restaurant was too, it being a Wednesday I was expecting it to be quiet - it was when we arrived at 7, but when we left at 8:30 it was absolutely packed, with a mix of clientele - families with young children, older families, couples and a few tables of friends catching up. A lively, happy atmosphere.
I hope the new menu is a great success, it certainly deserves to be. Thank you for inviting me.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

creamy chicken and broccoli pasta

3 chicken breasts
Half a head of broccoli
100g light soft cheese
Fresh thyme

I chopped the chicken into chunks then started to fry on a low heat, in a fry lite'd pan.

While the chicken was cooking I chopped some florets from a head of broccoli, using about half the broccoli.

I popped the broccoli in boiling water and cooked until tender, drained then set aside.

Once that was done I popped on a pan of pasta.

When the chicken was almost cooked I added some torn fresh thyme then the soft cheese into the pan to melt. I managed to smash my pyrex measuring jug the other day (glass everywhere, hours to clean) so I just guessed with the amount of milk - adding enough to create a small amount of sauce, enough to coat the pasta.

I added the cooked broccoli to the pan, then drained the pasta and added that, giving a good stir to coat the pasta in the sauce.

I served mine with roasted veg to get my super free.

I think this would be 2.5 syns for the soft cheese, with this serving 4, if the milk was from your healthy extra milk allowance.

I'm loving using this sauce, cheese sauces are one of my downfalls, I really missed them last time I did slimming world. Thankfully this seems to be a work around that the family will all eat - phew!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Broccoli and potato bake

I made this over a month ago, in an attempt to get us eating more veg.

Couple of potatoes, peeled and sliced thinly
Half pint milk
Tbsp flour
Tbsp butter
Cheese, I used mature cheddar

Turn the oven onto 200 to heat up.  You'll need a medium pan, small pan, an oven dish and handheld blender out.

Chop the broccoli into small florets then boil in the medium pan until tender. (Or steam if you prefer). Drain then add a few of the small florets to your oven dish. Set aside the remaining broccoli for blending.

Make the cheese sauce as you would any normal cheese sauce; tablespoon of butter melted in the small pan with a tablespoon of flour added, stirred to absorb all the butter and then cooked for one minute, milk then added in small quantities with vigorous stirring to avoid lumps, then adding the cheese at the end to melt.

Arrange the sliced potato in the dish with the broccoli florets.  Add the reserved broccoli to the cheese sauce and blend until smooth, turning the sauce a delicious green.  Pour the sauce over the potato slices and broccoli then bake in the oven for an hour, extra cheese could be added to the top for more of a treat.