Friday, 28 November 2014

Pinche Pinche review

Disclaimer: this meal was free
I don't often do reviews nowadays, I've turned down that many over the last two years that I've stopped getting invitations. But when an invite popped into my inbox from Pinche Pinche I had to come out of hibernation. If anyone asks me for recommendations of where to eat in Chapel Allerton Pinche Pinche is always where I point them.
My friend Fi and I went along on Wednesday this week to try their new menu. They've moved away from the safety of fajitas and are introducing the diners of Leeds to Antojitos - Mexican tapas.
We opted to put our trust in the chef be sent out a selection of what he wanted to showcase to us.
Please excuse my terrible photos, my phone is great taking pics outside, but useless indoors - and there's no way I'm taking a camera to a restaurant.
We had the guacamole:

Esquites  (stripped corn on the cob):

Plantain Empanada:

Prawn and cod ceviche:

Slow cooked lamb Sope:

Tacos - we got sent a selection of cod, pork, spicy beef and surf & turf

Pomegranate salad:

We were stuffed after eating all those - sadly no room for Churros. I enjoyed trying each of the dishes, the only one I wasn't so keen on was the esquites, it got a bit samey after a while, we both decided if we were making it at home that we'd add a little lime to freshen it up.
My favourite dish was the slow cooked lamb Sope. The stew was delicious, and I loved the sweet potato basket.  I might have to try and replicate them at home. The tacos were great too, my photo doesn't do their size justice. I enjoyed the beef one the most.
I really enjoyed the pomegranate salad too, I would never have ordered it myself so it was a great one to try.
I love the new concept, but I'm a massive tapas fan so I would. I'll definitely be going back to try the spicy cheese balls and cactus. If you aren't a tapas fan then there's still Enchiladas and Burritos to be had, we were nosying at other tables that had ordered these and they looked fantastic too - and very big!
I was pleased to see how busy the restaurant was too, it being a Wednesday I was expecting it to be quiet - it was when we arrived at 7, but when we left at 8:30 it was absolutely packed, with a mix of clientele - families with young children, older families, couples and a few tables of friends catching up. A lively, happy atmosphere.
I hope the new menu is a great success, it certainly deserves to be. Thank you for inviting me.

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