Thursday, 11 December 2014

Back at fat club

I've been back at Slimming World about 6 weeks now, but I've only lost 4ib. I've really sruggled to stay on plan - meals are fine, but the snacking is ruining me.

I've joined a few slimming world groups on Facebook and saw the 777 challenge on there.

7 glasses of water
7 superspeed foods
7 syns a day

You do this over 7 days and are meant to see great results.

I started today full of positivity - then I read my book - super speed not super free! Oops, i'd not understood why it was such a challenge  when I first looked at it.

Super free foods are most fruit and veg, super speed form a tiny amount of those - I didn't have a single superspeed fruit in the house, so had to send phil to Tesco for berries and melon on the way home from work.

Today I've had:

Breakfast - two weetabix, kiwifruit and grapes. 1 pint of water.

Lunch - beans on 1 slice of best of both bread (4.5 syns). 1 pint of water.

Snack - banana. Half pint of water.

Tea - 2 quorn sausages (2 syns) jacket potato with cottage cheese, peas. 1 pint water.

Then I went and ruined things and had two low fat sausages (4 syns).

I'm taking my pints of water as counting as two normal glasses, so had the 7. Plus 2 decaf teas and 2 coffees - so that's one achieved.

Superspeed foods, I've managed 2. I should have had melon and berries to bring me up to 7, but I'm just not hungry.

Syns - 10.5, because I'm greedy and ate the low fat sausages just because they were there.

Not a great start! I'll be over with syns tomorrow because I'm going out for tea. Same with Saturday, having a Christmas dinner and drinks, but that leaves sunday-weds to try and do this challenge!

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