Sunday, 7 December 2014

chocolate orange buns

We're having a relaxed weekend of baking, Christmas crafts and watching films.  Both baby and toddler are under the weather, so keeping warm and cosy is essential.

I had to pop out to the post office to send a Christmas card abroad, so called into our local supermarket for baking supplies. I came home with cocoa powder, vanilla essence, chocolate chips and chocolate orange segments.  I decided to whip up some buns for us, and Phil iced them for me.

2 large eggs
Self raising flour
Caster sugar
Cocoa powder
Juice of a satsuma

To decorate:
Chocolate orange segments
Cocoa powder
Icing sugar

Place bun cases in your bun tin, ready for the mixture. Set the oven to 180.

Weigh your eggs - whatever they weigh (in my case 150g) then use the same amount of stork and caster sugar. Use 2/3 of the weight self raising flour and 1/3 cocoa powder
 (So 100g self raising and 50g cocoa powder).

Cream the sugar and stork then add the eggs one at a time, with a little flour with each egg addition. Combine the remaining flour, add the cocoa and the juice of one satsuma. Stir to bring it all together, but not too much.

Spoon dollops of the mixture into your bun cases until all are filled. Bake for 22 mins until the buns are firm and springy to touch.  Cool on a wire wrack.

To decorate make up some buttercream, phil usually just does this by adding icing sugar and cocoa powder to stork until it reaches the right consistency, ensuring it isn't too stiff.  Place the mixture in a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe onto your buns. Finish with a chocolate orange segment.

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