Monday, 5 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - jackets, beans and steamed veg / sausages, beans and egg for D & P.
Tuesday - tomato soup, bread for D & P
Wednesday - gammon, hasselback potatoes and veg
Thursday - creamy bacon and mushroom pasta
Friday - salmon stir fry for me
Saturday - cottage pie and veg
Sunday - pork loin and veg

Quite a conservative week for us, a bit too much meat and veg for me, but I can't make everyone like what I do.

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Slimming world friendly tomato soup


5 tomatoes
1 tin of plum tomatoes
1 carton of passata
2 sticks of celery
Half large brown onion
1 carrot
200mls vegetable stock
Squeeze of tomato purée


When I decided to make this soup I was my trying to make it the most tomatoey thing known to man, I just got a wee bit carried away adding them in.  I liked how strong the tomato flavour is, but I guess it won't be to everyone's taste.

As you'd expect - chopped all the veg, peeling the carrot too. I sweated the onion, celery and carrot off in some fry light with a splash of water, and a little bit of garlic paste. The fresh tomatoes got chucked in next, then once they'd softened in went the liquid elements of the stock, tinned tomatoes and passata, then lastly added a little squeeze of tomato purée.

I let the soup simmer until all the vegetables were cooked then blended and served.

You'll notice from my posts that I don't list salt and pepper - I'm committing sacrilege I know, but our daughter eats with us and I don't like to add salt to what she's having.

In a turn up for the books she actually liked this soup - she's been in a difficult fussy phase for months now. I always offer her what we're having but she would often impolitely decline it. Occasionally demonstrating her displeasure with my cooking by removing it from her vicinity, and acquainting the food with the floor. Very frustrating when done with dishes she ate happily before.

I got coerced into doing leafleting for my slimming world group, this soup was lovely to have a cup of to warm up with when we got back.