Sunday, 12 April 2015

Debbie & Andrew's 97% pork sausages

I was kindly sent a pack of Debbie & Andrew's Harrogate 97% pork sausages to review.

 They arrived in a cute cool bag with a little recipe book, a nice touch.

These sausages are dairy, gluten and wheat free. 

We opted for a simple meal to try them with, with mash and beans.

They cooked well, not leaking fat/water. They didn't fall apart, or stick to the foil either.

The sausages had a pleasant meaty flavour, I expected them to have more of a fatty taste with them looking so plump, but they didn't taste fatty at all.

I feel quite bad that we didn't do anything 'fancy' with them, but sometimes mash and beans just hit the spot.

We'd definitely purchase these in the supermarket, and I'd like to try the other flavours. Look out for them in ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco. 

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