Monday, 29 June 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - quiche and salad
Tuesday - pork steaks and rice
Wednesday - mushroom pasta
Thursday - chilli and jackets
Friday - prawn risotto
Saturday - who knows!
Sunday - roast chicken

Baking - Jam tarts, fruit loaf and wholemeal breadcakes

Another simple week for us. I don't think the toddler will eat prawn risotto, she loved it until she hit two then decided it was yucky... I'll still offer her it, but also cook her a couple of homemade fish fingers just so she does eat something...

Linking up with Mrs M and the other meal planners.


  1. Yum Rachel, it sounds like a good summery week xx

  2. Jam tarts, delicious :) I jump straight to the baking...the meals all sound tasty too. Hope you have a good week xx


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