Monday, 27 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday

A state of excitement has descended on our household. We're going on holiday on Friday.

Meals are being kept simple this week, and I've even thought of what we'll be eating next week.

My favourite meal this week will be the beef curry, which I'll do in the slow cooker.

We'll need to pop in to our local butchers for some sausages, I've recently started getting a 5 day meat pack from them - which lasts us 2 weeks. You get a medium chicken (3 meals), some stewing beef, mince, sausages and then pork loins. I'll probably also get some tomato sausages from Tadcaster market on a Thursday, sausages being the toddlers favourite.  Shopping this way saves us money, supports local shops and traders and gives us better quality meat.

Do you use a butcher? What are your favourite holiday meals?