Monday, 14 September 2015

Meal Planning Monday - 14th September

Monday - Tomato soup (using some of our meagre crop of homegrown tomatoes)
Tuesday - Sausage pasta
Wednesday - Tuna fishcakes
Thursday - Chicken curry and rice
Friday - Homemade fish fingers (phil & the girls), jacket potato and beans for me
Saturday - Slow cooker chilli and rice
Sunday - Slow cooker chicken, bacon and potato stew

I need to pop to our local butcher for the mince and bacon, and will be getting 6 chicken breasts for £6 at Tadcaster market.

We've had an unexpected expense this month so are having to cut back on our shopping spend to try and stay afloat, I'm trying to use up as much of what we have in the cupboards and freezer and make use of deals on meat to get through to pay day.  I have one large frozen fish fillet left in the freezer, which will become the fish fingers, and we have some sausages left over from the last time I bought them in bulk from the butcher that goes to Tad market.  We always have lots of dried pasta in the cupboards and usually a tin of tuna in there.

I'll be looking out for the usual MPM post on At home with Mrs M to link up with the other meal planners.


  1. Lovely meal plan! I love the slow cooker! :D #mealplanningmonday

  2. Homegrown tomato soup - I'd love some of that with a chunk of crusty bread!

  3. Wow homemade tomato soup, yum!! X

  4. Oh tomato soup sounds lovely - I've got our tomatoes to use up too, so thanks for the inspiration! Have a good week


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