Saturday, 12 September 2015

Recent Eats

I'm back on the slimming world train, having signed up for a 12 week weight loss programme, which gives 12 free slimming world sessions, and 12 weeks of free use of the gym.  In my first week I struggled to get back 'on plan' but since my weigh in on Thursday I've felt more focused.

I've done a couple of bits of baking in the last few weeks, made bread, some flapjack and a chocolate tart.  I also popped my popcorn cherry - why have I never made my own before?  I love popcorn, and will definitely be making my own from now on.


I've been out a few times; I was invited to the launch night of Turtle Bay in York - but unfortunately didn't really get to sample any food, it was more of a drinking and celebration event; those that were enjoying the free bar and live band were having a great time.  It was a little noisy and chaotic for us though, so we popped along to a charity night at Bettys in York, in aid of SANDS and another of their chosen charities.  We had a three course meal and plenty of conversation.

We'll be going on our honeymoon shortly, I can't wait to go to Rome.  I'm going to be scouring the net for recommendations of off the tourist track places to eat, and we can't wait to do all that sight seeing.

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