Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday, first one of 2016

Monday -       Homemade chicken nuggets and savoury rice
Tuesday -       Sausage and mash, with broccoli
Wednesday -  Coconut chicken/ chicken curry
Thursday -      Cheesy pasta
Friday -          Bolognese and garlic bread
Saturday -      Fish fingers and chips for kids
Sunday -        Pork loins, roast potatoes, carrots and peas

I did a roast chicken on Sunday, so our week this week involves using up plenty of leftover roast chicken.

On Saturday Phil and I will be having something just for us, after the kids have gone to bed.  It's my turn to cook us a grown up meal - but I've no idea what I'll do yet.  We enjoyed the tapas we had together that Phil made, so I might get the tapas cookbook out and have a look at something to do from there, or maybe a curry of some sort from one of my indian cookbooks.

On Tuesday I'm back at hospital for my dressing changing (I had a fat lump removed on 30th December), but other than that it's a quiet week for us.  I'll be picking up the 3 year old's nursery school uniform - she starts on the 12th, and some new winter boots - better get the littlest measured then too.  I hope the weather starts to improve a bit, this rain is getting dull.  There's only so many puddle jumping walks we can do.  

I've been thinking about introducing a baking day into our week (or is that too twee?!) and making some scones, biscuits or a cake to have as a treat during the week, or to send into Phil's work for the troops - working outside in this weather is miserable stuff.  

I'll hopefully be linking up with Mrs M and the other meal planners, and this week aim to read and comment on all the other meal plans, hopefully get some inspiration for the weeks to come.  We've a lot that we want to do this year, so need to tighten our belts further, use less meat and eat more fish, I want to make better use of our local market, so need to get into a routine of us going every week and then going to story time at the Library after.  Use it or lose it applying to both.


  1. I love the sounds of homemade chicken nuggets, I've never tried making them before but I think my kids will love them! I like the idea of have a grown up meal, my husband and I miss them :)

  2. I like the sound of everything you have planned this week! Have a lovely week x

  3. I love homemade chicken nuggets - I make them for M and I as well as Harry. Have a lovely week.

  4. I have never made homemade chicken nuggets - it's definitely something I want to do soon as my youngest is mad for them!

    And a baking day doesn't sound twee at all! #mealplanningmonday

  5. I'm sending the boys to yours for the week, they would love all of that food! I hope you're okay, been thinking about you when they are talking about the floods on the news x

  6. Thanks for joining in - definitely have a baking day - I use to do it on Mondays when I didn't work all week but now baking has to fit in as and when!


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