Thursday, 14 January 2016

The one with the disastrous bread

Try as I might, I just can't seem to get bread right very often. It either looks like a train wreck but tastes good - or it looks ok but is actually not cooked inside, or simply tastes weird.

I've seen lots of slow cooker breads over the years, and thought hey why not try one myself.  Why not indeed.

Firstly, I got distracted and forgot to add the yeast - I remembered after 10 mins of kneading, so I then tried to knead the yeast in... Perhaps I should have just started again?

I managed to get it all incorporated, kneaded again for five minutes (I was getting tired), then popped the dough into my loaf tin and inside the slow cooker.  I adapted a recipe that I'd found, but used their method - and that didn't call for proofing. Possibly another mistake?

Now their recipe reckoned their bread was done in an hour. Mine was nowhere near. So l left mine in for 2 hours 20. No specific reason for the exactness of that time, it was simply how long the bread had been in when I got back from the school run.

I took it out; crust on top. Firm. Tapped the bottom of the bread, sounded hollow. So I switched the slow cooker off and left my loaf to cool.

As our chicken soup warmed back through I cut off some slices and found it was still doughy. Really doughy. Practically inedible doughy.

So back to the drawing board for a fool proof loaf that I can get right every time!

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  1. Oooh now, I have a top tip on this point having had the same problem with a loaf that I was baking last year - if you have a meat thermometre stick it in your bread and you want the internal temperature to be up at around 190 - 200 to ensure that it is properly cooked. Keep trying - I think that I have cracked it now and nothing makes me prouder than being able to serve up home baked bread! x


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