Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Rattle Owl, York

Disclaimer - I was invited to have brunch at The Rattle Owl, our meal was complimentary.

The Rattle Owl is currently ranked on Trip Advisor as no37 out of 646 restaurants in York, the rating merits of Trip Advisor we won't get into this evening, however, with such a good rating I'm surprised I hadn't heard of them before an email dropped in inviting us to brunch. 

They're a 42 seat restaurant on Micklegate - I'll be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd ever been on Micklegate before, my knowledge of York is appalling.  I've certainly been missing out though, there's an Oxfam bookshop and a rare bookshop just waiting for me to have a leisurly browse in.

When I think of brunch I always think of Sex and the City, the four friends meeting to catch up on gossip and relax.  Brunching with kids is not relaxing. Certainly not with my kids in any case.  But I decided to take up the challenge, and off the four of us went for brunch.

We headed up on Saturday, taking advantage of the new Tadfaster bus service, finally connecting us back to York on the East of Tadcaster - a 20 minute limited stop service.  As they were doing a special £1 fare on Saturday it seemed fate to go along and check out The Rattle Owl.

 When we arrived at The Rattle Owl we were given a warm welcome, shown through to our table and a high chair fetched for the smallest one.  We were in a quiet corner with a few other diners enjoying their brunch.  Sadly I think their enjoyment dipped a little as we arrived, seeing as both my girls knocked their waters over and proceeded to wail inconsolably for a good five minutes. 

The kids were given books and a card and some crayons to try to help keep them occupied while we waited for our orders.  Children are offered a smaller portion of the normal brunch menu - I asked for a small portion of scrambled eggs on a piece of sourdough for each of them - not listed as such on the menu, but it wasn't a problem to order. I did feel a bit ridiculous asking for something off menu, but I hate to waste food, so I'm finding the confidence to ask for things not to be put on the plate that I know the girls won't eat.  Phil opted for the Full English, and I opted for Poached Eggs Benedict.  I ummed and ahhed between that, the vegetarian breakfast, and butternut squash, chorizo and onion hash.

We didn't have long to wait for food, and once eating the girls settled down a bit and cheered up, so Phil and I were able to relax a little.  The girls both enjoyed their scrambled eggs, the portion size was just right for them so I wasn't left mortified by the amount of food left.  Phil's breakfast was excellent, he particularly enjoyed the black pudding, but I thought the star of the plate was the sausage. My Eggs Benedict was delicious, the hollandaise had just the right amount of tang for me  and the poached eggs were perfect.

Despite us being a bit stressed out with the girls and worrying about them disrupting other diners, I found the atmosphere of The Rattle Owl to be really laid back, the way the girls were talked to by staff, the books/colouring available and the general nonchalance at a gallon of water going everywhere made it obvious that families are very welcome and not an inconvenience.

We will definitely be returning - most likely without the girls, so we can try the Breakfast Cocktails - the Brunch Martini has my name all over it, and I really do want to try that butternut hash.  I'd quite like to organise a brunch out with the girls, one to consider for my birthday. 

Thank you very much to Lucy for inviting us along, and to the staff at the Rattle Owl for being so friendly and accommodating for us, and our grumpy girls.

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