Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ringtons Victoriana Hamper

In celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday Ringtons have created a gorgeous Victoriana hamper.

I was sent one to review last month.

We often see the Ringtons van around our estate, my girls are baffled when I say the driver is delivering tea - I think they expect to see him carrying out cups of tea.  We don't see enough of Ringtons down here in Yorkshire. When I lived in Newcastle and worked for the council it was always the norm to have Ringtons tea. I forget how good the tea is, and the biscuits - there's no biscuit like a luxury Ringtons biscuit - they're amazing, and we are huge biscuit fans in this house.

My pics do not do the box and contents justice at all. The box itself is beautiful, I was tempted to try make a dolls house from it - but having two girls and one house is a disaster, so I've donated it to school instead.

The tea is very good, I liked all the biscuits - especially the rhubarb one, I was surprised how good the blackcurrant preserve is - I didn't even realise Ringtons did them.

Huge thanks to Ringtons for sending me this, and all the nostalgic memories of living in Newcastle it brought back.

If you haven't tried Ringtons tea then do give it a go, I'm a staunch Yorkshire Tea girl - but Ringtons is a very close second for me, but adding those biscuits into the mix makes Ringtons hard to beat.

If you're looking for a nice gift they do a lovely selection, I had a look at the ladies inspired ones this morning, really reasonably priced and look every bit as good as something from. Betty's, without the Betty's price tag.

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