About me

 Hello!  I'm Rach, a 30something mum of two beautiful girls, and wife to my long suffering husband. We live in a small town in North Yorkshire. My days are spent looking after my family, tidying up, conjouring up new ways of trying to get everyone to eat vegetables and get a couple of minutes to myself to do my colouring (who knew adult colouring books could be so addictive).  

In this blog you'll find recipes, reviews and family cooking - I will even post if something has been a disaster. 

I'm not the world's best cook, or the most adventurous - but I try.  I don't have as much time to cook and bake as I used to, but I still enjoy being in the kitchen when I can.  I love wine and cocktails but don't indulge very often, although do an odd wine review every so often.